Client Privacy, Safety, and Security provides protection against the most common phishing attacks.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a trick that cybercriminals use to steal your personal information or money online. One of the most common kinds of phishing scams is when a link takes you to a fake website that looks exactly like the real one, but it's not. It's made to steal your login, password, credit card info, or other personal details.

Anyone can be fooled. Even if someone you know forwards you a link, it's possible they were fooled into forwarding a malicious link to you.

Even if they checked the link before they sent it, that's no guarantee. Unfortunately, sometimes a link can direct you to a legitimate website initially but, at a later date, a cybercriminal makes it redirect to a phishing website.

It's especially hard when links are sent by email, because many email systems "wrap" links so the link looks like it's pointing one place but, once you click on it, it redirects to a different website.

How does help?

If you see a link to you know it was sent with the Cloze app.

Cloze allows our customers to send emails to their clients and contacts. In order to protect our customers and their reputation, we use industry-leading phishing detection to make sure that every link sent through our systems is as safe as possible to click on.

In fact, when you click on a link, before we redirect you to the website we run real-time anti-phishing checks on the website to make sure that it's legitimate. So, you can be sure that any link sent via Cloze has been checked for safety.

How do you know if it's safe?

If you see a link that starts with one of the following you can be sure the link will be checked for safety when you click on it:


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